1. The art of cryptography has been practiced almost as long as written language has been around.(2000 B.C.)


3. The Caesar cipher is a part of the class of substitution ciphers.

4. A random substitution cipher does not follow a strict pattern which means those trying to decipher it must guess and check their way through the problem.  Most people must use their knowledge on the language as well as historical information to crack these puzzles.

5. The technique used to crack Chaucer's text is called Frequency Analysis.



IP Blog Post

What is a protocol?
-Widely accepted rules that govern how data is share and transmitted between computersWhat is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?
-A numerical label that helps computers identify where to send their data to. It is similar to a shipping address. How is it organized hierarchically?
deviceHow many bits are in an IPv4 address?
-32 bitsHow many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  
232 (4,294,967,296)What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4.  
-IPv6 has 128 bits instead of 32.Why do we need IPv6?
-We need IPv6 because at the current rate of expansion, IPv4 will not be able to support every computer device pretty soon. IPv6 will also allows us to expand the internet much easier in the distant future where every aspect of our lives may have a computer involved. What is an IP packet?
-An IP packet is a package of data that can be sent from one IP address to another in order to share information.What is the difference between an IP a…

Article Summaries

What they doin with my data?

Accuweather recently came under fire for reportedly selling user data to different aggregation firms for profit. The report that said this decision to leave out some key details while they were reporting though. The company was selling anonymous data in order to stay afloat because they did not have any ads so they were making no money. The data that was being sold was all anonymous so users shouldn't have had to worry about the data being sold. The app asking for a user's permission was really a courtesy and had no effect on the app's tracking the user as it was necessary for the company to continue.

 A study from the University of Washington recently found that venture capitalists are able to use their money to manipulate ads to gain data from people using certain apps. The study found that it was easy for the members of the research team to manipulate ads to find information about people's daily lives. The ads are able to track how many …

Human Microchipping

3 Beneficial traits of human microchipping:
1. If your workplace is set up with the proper equipment, you are able to go through your day in much quicker fashion. Paying for food and entering locked rooms become a breeze when you just wave your hand to engage in the activities.
2.  If the chip has personal information, under emergency situations, responders would be able to gain information about you to help out faster.
3. Locks are much more useful if you can make it so they only open for one person. By requiring a lock to recognize your chip, there is no chance that anyone would be able to break in.

3 concerns involving the chips.
1. A chip under the skin could be painful and result in bodily problems, a ring with a chip would be a lot easier.
2. The chips could have weak encryption and people can crack into them. Once in, said hackers would be able to gain access to the company's inner workings.
3. Even if a company claims the chip can only do so much today, they could increase …

Pseudocode: making a sandwich

1. Go to kitchen
2. Grab a plate and knife from the cabinets
3. Grab peanut butter and jelly from the fridge
4. Grab bread from cabinets
5. If bread is whole wheat
6.      Put everything back
7. Else take 2 pieces of bread and put them on the plate
8.      Take knife and scoop peanut butter
9.      Spread peanut butter on bread
10.    Take knife and pick up jelly
11.    Spread jelly on the other piece of bread
12.    Put the two pieces together

Tech Spotlight

The technology I shall be introducing is Google Drive, a cloud based storage drive. Google drive can be used to store almost any files ranging from pictures to word documents. The drive also has built in office space where you can make new word documents and slideshows. The drive is used by many different schools because it is easy to link up with a school email. Upon signup, the user is allocated 15 gigabytes (GB) of storage which they can use at their own will. If the user decides that they need more space than originally given, they can upgrade to several different storage options including 100 GB for $1.99 a month, 1 terabyte (TB) for $9.99 a month, or 10 TB for $99.99 a month. The quality of the service is entirely dependant on the user’s internet as the only real speed involved would be waiting for files to load from the user’s computer, on their own internet connection.

One of the main users of Google Drive are schools students and teacher’s alike. The drive is handy for this g…